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Best Android Clone Application That Allows You To Run Double Instance Of Same Application

Best Android Clone Application That Allows You To Run Double Instance Of Same Application


hello readers , probably if you can run multiple instance of same application it will be good for you even it will be fun for some people who wants to run multiple instances for their several uses like maintaining double instance of whatsapp , double facebook , double tumblr , people who have instagram profile that helps them for marketing etc.so running multiple  instance of same application is just awesome.


running multiple instance is actually done by virtual cloning.clone word is pretty famous you know. replicating/duplicating something is known as cloning .well according to the topic cloning is not only done of android it is also done in windows/ linux platforms as well.it is a handy process to run 2nd instance that helps you a lot.The application is super clone. there are so many apps there also like parallel space.and 2-3 good according  to me.



Super Clone – Multiple Accounts


Super app clone & multi account for parallel space

One phone,two accounts,online at the same time
• Parallel social accounts, including facebook, whats app, line, messenger etc. , help you to manage work and life
• Two game accounts, help you upgrade level quickly
• Support most of android applications
• Privacy Locker to protect your private app clones
• Support to customize icon and label of clones



• Easy to use and simple UI
• With the most powerful engine by Polestar Applab
• Provider options to enable/disable Google Play Service, which can save memory & power for cloned app.

• In order to make your application running well, we applied most of the android application. But we won’t collect any user information.
• The memory of Super Clone used is the total size of the cloned application




Super clone application is very easy to use.after installation you will find the first picture and you will be asked to select the application you want to clone for your work.in the 2nd screenshot you can see that there are so many options  like , share with friends – if you want , like it , feedback, faq , privacy locker . the green button in the first picture will help you to select the available application that will allow you to clone.you need to select the application and the application will be automatically cloned in to the super clone app dashboard.



you can see that i have used tumblr to clone. few things you need to keep in mind that , sometime the application will loss the cookies that will be generated while logging in to any website. what ? as clone apps run in virtual space some time clearing the saved data will affect this cloned apps and deleted the in app data like saved password ,login cookies,session id and much more in-app things.you can create shortcut / privacy lock on -off / Enable disable notification in this app. guess what the application is only 4.2 MB which really light for some phones.i hope you will like this application. Super Clone – Multiple Accounts Download  below.






polestar applab


Google Play Rating:



500,000 – 1,000,000


4.1 and up



Super Clone – Multiple Accounts Download 



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